Survey Technologies

Make multi-site store project development more efficient and manageable by centralizing critical site-survey data and making it easily accessible. 

Make Informed Decisions with Centralized Survey Data

Thanks to our customizable survey app with 360 capture technology, our nationwide surveyors can efficiently collect site-specific store information. That valuable info goes to our Site Attribute Manager (SAM), an online store profile repository and reporting tool that lets you view and manage the unique attributes of each retail site in real time.

The Partner You Can Trust For Any Complex Retail Project


Depend on pros who understand the complexity of retail

Completed surveys and counting

Years of experience in store opening and remodels


Gain a full range of services from one powerful, convenient source


Free up limited hours with BRRF tackling the most time-consuming tasks

Trained and certified surveyors across the U.S.

Explore More Services

From planning and development to remodeling and optimizing your stores, our retail project and program management experts are with you every step of the way.


Planning & Development

Improve the planning and development phase of your store project, with dedicated construction, permitting and survey experts, and the latest site survey tools and technology.


Remodel & Opening

Gain a competitive advantage for your remodels and openings with experienced project managers, brand reimaging specialists, and proprietary project management and reporting software.


Operate & Optimize

Open your doors to customers confidently, with trained professionals who provide meticulous closeout services and ongoing maintenance to keep your store in top shape. 

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